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Katerina Dobesova says:
Beautiful done, sweet creature. I like also the colour solution of the background.
Mon 21 Jun 2010 12:02:42 AM PDT
shreeram says:
i want the 3d model of this peacock , plzz
Mon 18 Apr 2011 10:53:18 AM PDT
shreeram says:
i want the 3d model , please contact me i will pay you .
Wed 22 Jun 2011 10:17:28 AM PDT
shreeram says:
contact me .
Wed 22 Jun 2011 10:21:02 AM PDT
shreeram says:
hello sir this is shreeram from india , would like to start a foundation for the poor peoples ,who is handicaped , dum and mentaly retarded peoples . Am planning to use the logo of this peacock ( only if you grant me permission ). if u provide me with this 3d file and other files for posters and designs we peoples will be happy , if you planning to sale only for money we peoples collect each and single pennys from poor members and send to you , please do contact me sir , we would be so grateful to you all the time & my team members everytime.

thanking you !

Sun 14 Aug 2011 08:43:04 PM PDT

Artist: Anton Bugaev (More from this artist)

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